Experts: Release Of JFK Assassination Files Could Cause ‘Civil Unrest’ — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on Nwo Report: Experts have warned that the imminent release of never-before-seen government documents about the JFK assassination could cause civil unrest across America. The National Archives have said they will release top secret documents relating to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the CIA have urged the White… […]

Rescue Ladino, The Language Of Sephardic Jews

  Rescue Ladino, The Language Of Sephardic Jews Sarah AroesteJune 12, 2017Shmuel Aiello Ladino, the language of Sephardic Jews, also represents a culture that has survived hundreds of years and is still relevant today. And more people need to know about it. Ladino is a pan-Mediterranean language that crosses geographic, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Otherwise […]