FRANCE – What happened in Nice – A Russian Analysis (Must Read)

The Ugly Truth

Ed-note (Sabba) – Remember: ‘modern, progressive, secular’ are euphemism for judaized to the bone, so much that it has lost its original essence. Europe was built on Christian foundations. Any other foundations are alien to its essence. Europe/the West as it is now, is not liberal, it is not progressive, it is not secular: it is jewish thru and thru.

The first step to get rid of any addiction is always to acknowledge it. The West is addicted to jewish values and jewish way of life which deluded Westerners believe are their own ‘achievements’. For as long as the West cherishes and holds on to these jewish values, there will be no way out for us but to be vaporized in the soon to come WWIII. The jews may be the drug dealers but we are the drug addicts. The responsibility for our destruction is ours, and ours alone.

PRAVDA – Those…

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