When the Dead Don’t Die

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

Visionary ~ General

By Jim Kirwan

The Government attacked the Gay Community in Orlando, Florida. The government announced that one hundred and three people had been shot and that 49 of them had been killed in what the government called an attack! This was supposedly the worst attack on American soil by what was initially termed a “lone-gunman” which kept changing. It went up to two, then three and all the way to four—only to go back again to “a single perpetrator” – and all of it with no proof of anything that the government said.

The event supposedly started just after 2am, but government forces, city, county, state & federal did not “move-in” until around 5am—yet nothing has been officially said about the missing three hours during which supposedly 50 living breathing people were murdered.

Questions were asked by tens of thousands of people, yet nothing of any…

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