The Land of Death for Animals? Nothing Changed for Dogs in Romania


                       Romania – The land of Death for Animals





HORROR in the Public Shelter Moinesti. ( emails provided )
Where was the shelter’s manager Dorel Ardeleanu, when the UNQUALIFIED employee Ion Busuioc decided to throw a dog in a freezer ? Where was the shelter’s veterinarian Ovidiu Lupascu, when an UNQUALIFIED assumed that a dog was dead ? How many dogs did you KILL in that shelter ,Mr. Ovidiu Lupascu ?
Shame on you, Mr. Mayor of Moinesti , Viorel Ilie for the atrocities committed in that shelter by employees paid from public money.
Ask Romanian Authorities to FIRE all the employees from that shelter immediately…please add the links to the story in your letter
Mr. Ioan Ghica – Prefect of Bacau County
Mr. Bagu Ion – Executive Director DVSA Bacau
Mr. Vasile Oprisan – Chief Commissioner IPJ Bacau
Mr. Viorel Ilie…

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