Planet Earth: Full of Surprises: Frog Breaks its own Bones to Make Claws

Horror Frog, Frog Breaks Its Own Bones To Make Claws

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 06:09 PM PDT

The Horror Frog, a frog that breaks its own bones to create claws for fighting. Perhaps that sounds like something made up to you, but it is in fact a real animal. There are actually multiple real species possessing such abilities. The two most well known are: the Hairy Frog, which lives in Central Africa and intentionally breaks the bones of its toes to create “claws” when threatened, and the recently discovered Otton Frog, which lives in Southern Japan and possesses a retractable “spike” hidden within a false thumb.

Image Credit: N. IwaiImage Credit: N. Iwai

With regards to the hairy frog, there is some disagreement amongst researchers about whether or not the frogs use it for fighting/competition or whether it has other purposes. The Otton frog though, without a doubt, uses its…

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