US INVASION – 150 US Soldiers Arrive In Syria To Topple Assad – Lavrov

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – To topple Assad and to assist and rebuild I.S.I.S.

Please forgive my anger and also my disillusion. How come the terrorist state of America can just invade a sovereign state without the people in the West even blinking. And it is not just Syria. The terrorist state of America has been invading countries and spreading chaos and blood all over the Global South since the end of WWII and most of us in the ‘West’ do not seem to mind that much. And not only that, but most people see this as a sign of ‘greatness’ of the West over the ‘Third World’, some even take pride in the sign of ‘irresistible power’ their country is displaying. If 10 Americans are killed anywhere in the world, most people of the west will raise in anger, take the streets and even call for revenge. But hundreds of darker-skinned people can be…

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