‘No Jail for Harmless Jihadis, They’ll Get More Radicalized in Prison’ – EU Counter-Terror Chief

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  • Yes, release all these ISIS jihadists, they’ll get more radicalized in solitary confinement jail cells. They are only planning nuclear terror attacks on US and Europe … they may not execute their plan right?
  • ISIS, Al Qaeda … “Muslim Terrorists/Terrorism” is owned, controlled, managed, trained, financed, logistically supplied, armed …. by western Illuminist intelligence agencies: CIA, MI5/6, Mossad … They are the terror army of the western Illuminati. What is all these BS about setting jihadists free to roam about Europe? It is the setup for Operation BlackJack 2.0. This is a series of nuclear false flag attacks on 5-7 western cities to ignite Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3.
  • Published on Apr 18, 2016
    Blanket prosecution of foreign fighters coming back from Iraq and Syria to Europe would be counterproductive, a senior EU security official has said. In his view some of them should be rehabilitated and even used…

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